Kids Dressers & Chests

Dressers are a common furniture piece in bedrooms after the bed itself. They help complete the look of a room and are mostly used for shirts, pants, socks, and undergarments. With kids’ dressers, you can also save a drawer or two for toys. Use the filters to the left of the page to browse dressers with a certain number of drawers ranging from three to eight or more.
If your child’s room is smaller, you could look for smaller three or four door dressers. If you have more space in your kids’ bedroom, you can browse options with five, six, or seven drawers. Also, it is important to consider who you are getting the dresser for. If it’s a new baby, you’ll want to look for baby dressers which come with changing tables on top.
These can help save space in a nursery since you do not have to get a second piece of furniture in the room. If the dresser is for a growing toddler, you might be looking for something different such as more drawers to hold the clothes they have collected over the years. We also have options that cater to both boys and girls. You can get your girl the white dresser to match the lighter shades of pink in her room or the espresso finish that matches the darker shade of blue that you chose for the theme in your son’s room.
Since you are on this page, you also might be wondering the difference between chests and dressers. Since it is a bit unclear, we can break down the difference for you, so that you can get your child the perfect option! Chests are horizontal in length. They get the name chest because they tend to reach chest height with a single stack of drawers. Sometimes the word dresser is applied to the meaning of a chest but a dresser is a lower and wider piece of furniture. The draws are wider or it might have a set of two draws next to each other.
Kids’ Dresser
Kids’ Dresser: Kids’ dressers are typically lower in height so you will usually see them have three draws stacked on top of each other. Since they are often wider than chests, you can find ones that have drawers that are wider or ones that have two drawers next to each other. If you are looking for additional storage features for your kids’ dresser, you can purchase ones that have extra hutches or bookshelves attached. These are often sold separately but can match the dresser nicely and create extra space for toys and books. In addition to hutches, some dressers come with cabinet space.
Kids’ Chests
Kids’ Chests: Chests are more horizontal in shape compared to dressers. Remember though, dressers are often referred to in the context of chests. These serve the same purpose of a dresser. If you have less space in your kids’ room, a horizontal kids’ chest can take up less floor space than a wider dresser. Browse a range of finishes such as white, brown, cherry and espresso to get the kids’ chest you need today!
Baby / Nursery Dresser

Baby / Nursery Dresser: If you are in the middle of outfitting a nursery, congrats! Decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting times when you know a child is on the way. There is a long list of small and big items to get and a baby dresser is one of those items. A lot of our nursery dressers come with changing tables on top which helps save space. With a changing table on top of your dresser, you will not need to purchase a second furniture piece to act as a changing table. You can also match the theme of your nursery with a certain color dresser!


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